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ASTM distillation



1. The distillation flask is filled with 100 ml of sample.


2. Water in the cooling bath is replaced and cleaned properly for effective cooling.Ice is placed in the cooling bath for removal of heat produced.


3. The distillation flash and the receiving cylinder are fitted to the input and output of the cooling bath by connecting pipe.Thermometer is inserted to distillation flask.


4. To reduce evaporation loss due to leakage,the various joints in the arrangement (such as distillation lfask - connection pipe and cooling bath output - receiving cylinde) are sealed properly using some paper.


5. After all arrangements are completed,heater is switched on and heat is supplied at constant and standard rate for proper vaporization.


6. The temperature is noted when first drop of liquid condensed is received at the receiving cylinder.After that temperature for each 5 ml rise in volume of distillate is noted.


7. Final boiling point temperature is noted when no further liquid is received at the cylinder,though heat is supplied at the same rate.Then we stop heating and final volume is recorded.


8. The residue is cooled,and measured using a measuring cylinder.Thus subtracting from total volume to volume distillate we get the loss.


Apparatus Used :


1. Distilllation Flask

2. Cooling Bath

3. Heater

4. Thermometer

5. Receiving cylinder to collect distillate.


Fig 1 : Experimental setup




 Fig 2 : Animation of the Experimental setup





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