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ASTM distillation



(Note : In the snapshots all the boxes with a green background designates inputs/measurements ,with a blue background designates virtual data and with a pink background designates user's calculated data.)


STEP 1 - It includes  the data input step where the user has to enter 10 different values for volume % distilled in order to complete the step.



STEP 2 - In this step the user will get to see all his entered volume % distilled data and the virtual ASTM data.



STEP 3 - This is the step in which the user will get corrected data for prescribed percent evaporated and ASTM temperature .



 STEP 4 - In this step the user has to enter his calculated TBP values based on the virtual data obtained from step 3.



STEP 5 - This step gives the virtual data for TBP .



 STEP 5 - This is a simple  step where the cut end point will be virtually displayed and depending on that the user has to find out which cut their sample belongs to and specify it below.


STEP 5 - This step will display the actual cut of the sample.



STEP 5 - This is a simple comparison step between the user's calculated TBP data and the virtual TBP data.


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