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Separating and Throttling Calorimeter


Guidelines to do this experiment Virtually


  • STEP 1 :First of all download Lab view run time engine and .exe file for the experiment . Here Run time engine is to run .exe file.


  • STEP 2 : Now after opening .exe file with lab view you'll get a screen with 'START' button on the right bottom corner of page. After reading carefully the page and to start the expermient press 'START'.




  • STEP 3 : After completing with home page go to Introduction page read that page then press 'NEXT' for next page.




  • STEP 4 : This step includes data input in the respective boxes where it is asked.
    Note: Here It should be noted that temperature of steam generator should be between 101 to 130oC. And highest pressure value that can be set is 200 KPa .Beyond these range you may get wrong results.





  • STEP 5 : In this step you have nothing to do Just note down the values carefully, These values will help you to do calculations.




  • STEP 6 : This step is most imprtant step in this experiment In this step Basically you have to calculate dryness factor by your own with the help of given formulaes and write down in the respective boxes. These values wll be compared with system values.



  • STEP 7 : In this step we have given you marks out of 10 that shows that how sincerely you have done the experiment. Afer finishing with this step press 'FINISH' button and press red button on top left of your screen. However If you want to do this experiment again press arrow key just beside red key.



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