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Binary vapor liquid equilibrium




1.Cleaning the Setup : The setup is cleaned to start a new Experiment.

2. Mixing in given ratios : A mixture of benzene and toluene is prepared and put into the flask

3. Power is Supplied : Then the power is supplied and the mixture begins to boil.

4. Equilibrium is Reached: After some time equilibrium is reached, this is marked by steady temperature in both the phases.

5. Measuring RI : Samples of condensed vapor and liquid are taken. To calculate the composition we need to measure the refractive index of  the  sample and look into the chart.


Fig : 1.3 Mole fraction Vs Temperature plot




x*  equilibrium composition of benzene in liquid phase
equilibrium composition of benzene in vapor phase
equilibrium temperature
Tt, boil
Boiling temperature of pure Toluene
Tb, boil
Boiling temperature of pure Benzene
Relative Volatility


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