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Vapor in air diffusion



(Note : In the snapshots all the boxes with a green background designates inputs/measurements ,with a blue background designates virtual data )


STEP 1 : In this step the user has to first select a suitable value for temperature and accordingly he/she has to calculate the vapor pressure and concentrations using the mentioned formulas.




STEP 2  : In this step six sets of virtual experiments are carried on at different operating conditions.Here the input is time,initial main scale reading and the vernier scale reading.Time ought to be varied after every run whereas the scale reading should be kept constant .Virtually we get the actual scale readings for the input time.





STEP 3: After the virtual experiment is done , the user has to calculate the slope and the diffusion co-effecient using the virtual data and suitable graphs and then has to enter those values in the space provided.




STEP 4 : This step is basically meant for comparison.All the virtual data including the final virtual diffusion co-effecient data will be shown.The user has to enter his diffusion co-effecient values and then compare that with the virtual data .




STEP 5 : This step is the concluding step which gives us the possible reasons of deviation from the actual data.



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