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Forced draft tray dryer



(Note : In the snapshots all the boxes with a green background designates inputs/measurements ,with a blue background designates virtual data )


STEP 1 : To fix the moisture content.



STEP 2 : Three sets of virtual experiments are carried on at different operating conditions.Here the input is time and the output which you virtually get is the weight. Using this weight, moisture content is calculated.



STEP 3: After the virtual experiment is done , four steps as mentioned are to be followed.Finally we have the values for drying rate .The user has to enter his/her calculated values in the space provided .



STEP 4 : It is the self assessment part where the user has to match his data with some standard plot .



STEP 5 : It is the second self assessment part where the user has to see to which trend his/her graph follows.



STEP 6 : This step consist of the cost calculation part.Here the inputs are pressure and time of drying and accordingly flow rate and cost/weight are calculated.



STEP 7 : In this step we have the third assessment where we basically focus on the cost.Accordingly the user has to select what factors would be profitable for a proper setup.



STEP 8 : Finaly this step is the conclusion where we come to know our possible reasons of deviation from the standard data .




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