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Column tray efficiency





In packed bed distillation column the process is batch rectification.The feed solution is filled in the steam generator the heater are provided for heating the solution. The vapors go through the packed bed S.S.column and are condensed in the water condenser. Some of the parts are recycled by setting the reflux ratio as per desired.Distillate is collected in the glass collector and the samples are analyzed by the refractometer.



1. Charge the still with 2/3 of MeOH - Water feed mixture.

2. Record the exact feed composition(xf) from the calibration curve by using a refractrometer.

3. Start the supply to the condenser and switch on the heat supply to the still.

4. Operate the column under total and partial reflux conditions and adjust the heat input to the  still till the temperature in the still is ready.

5. Read the temperature at the top and the bottom until they indicate that the system has reached equilibrium.

6. At steady state record the composition of the distillate and the still liquid.

7. Take the equilibrium data from perry's handbook and plot it.Plot xD and xB on McCabe -thiele diagram and step of the number of theoretical plates.






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