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Water cooling tower



The apparatus is provided for the process of Forced draft countercurrent cooling of hot water using air. The water to be cooled is heated in a heating tank using a heater.It is then circulated; through a rotameter; to the top of the cooling tower mounted over the heating tank. Cooled water is then re-circulated to the heating tank. A blower is provided for the cooling air. A valve is provided in airline to regulate the flow rate of air. There is an Orificemeter mounted with its taps connected to a manometer to find the flow rate of air. A set of two temperature sensors is provided at both inlet and outlet of air stream. These sensors gives Dry bulb & Wet bulb air temperatures. The cooling tower is packed with Aluminium expanded wire mesh.



1. Fill the heating tank with water, set the temperature with the help of D.T.C. and switch on heater.
2. Switch on pump & blower after desired temperature achieved.
3. Set the flow rate of water and air.
4. Record the flow rate of water and manometer reading after steady state achieved.
5. Record the temperatures.
6. Steps 3 to 5 may be repeated for different water & air flow rates within operational range.




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