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Design of binary distillation column




(Note : In the snapshots all the boxes with a green background designates inputs/measurements ,with a blue background designates virtual data )


STEP 1 : This is the first step where the input is relative volatility.Depending on this the equilibrium curve will be drawn.


STEP 2 : In this step the inputs are the distillate composition  and the reflux ratio depending on which the upper operating line is made.




STEP 3 : In this step the inputs are the feed  composition  and the Q value depending on which the Q- line is made.




STEP 4 : In this step the input is  the  bottom  composition  depending on which the lower operating line is made.


STEP 5 :This step is the concluding step for the McCabe thiele process.Here we get the data for the equilibrium compositions of both liquid and vapor on each tray ,all the flow rates and the no. of stages in each section.It also involves the  self assessment part.



STEP 6 : This step involves the diameter , height  and  the various cost calculations.



STEP 7 : This is the final step which involves the case study of different parameters.





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