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The DC Test for Stator Resistance



Steps for Connection:



1.       Choose the red colour  cable button .

2.       Connect L+ to the positive terminal of the ammeter.

3.       Connect u1 to the negative terminal of the ammeter.

4.       Choose the black  colour cable button.

5.       Connect L- to u2.

6.       Choose the red colour  cable button .

7.       Connect L+ to the positive terminal of the voltmeter .

8.       Choose the black  colour cable button.

9.       Connect L- to the negative terminal of the voltmeter .

10.   Click the check button and if the connection is correct, click OK.

11.    If the connection is wrong, follow the error message displayed and correct the connection.

12.   Select 1 on the two way switch on the left hand side of the panel.

13.   Switch ON the MCB and click the start button.

14.   Switch ON the second MCB.

15.   Click ‘b’ on the three way switch to select the variable voltage.

16.   Select 1 on the DC two way switch.

17.   Select voltage with the voltage regulator knob and then note the readings of voltmeter, ammeter .


For  video tutorial click the link below


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