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To perform Blocked Rotor test of three phase induction motor

Steps for Connection:


1.   Select the cable colour button (red).

2.   Connect L1 with CC (current coil) of the wattmeter on the left side.

3.   Connect common point of wattmeter with u1.

4.   Select the cable colour (green).

5.   Connect PC (potential coil) with v1.

6.   Connect L2 with v1.

7.   Select the cable colour (blue).

8.   Connect L3 with CC of the wattmeter on the right side.

9.   Connect the common point of the wattmeter with w1.

10. Select the cable colour (green).

11. Connect PC with v1.

12. Select the cable colour (black).

13. Connect ammeter between u2 and v2.

14. Short v2 and w2.

15. Select the cable colour (green).

16. Connect L2 with one terminal of the voltmeter.

17. Select the cable colour (blue).

18. Connect L3 with the other terminal of the voltmeter.

19. Click the check button and if the connection is correct, click OK.

20. If the connection is wrong, follow the error message displayed and correct the connection.

21. Click Labview button to goto front panel.

22. Rotate the POT slowly in clockwise direction to start the motor.

23. Note the readings of voltage,current,frequency,R.M.S. voltage,positive peak,negative peak, peak to peak.

24. Please rotate the POT slowly in anticlockwise direction to stop the motor.

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