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To perform Blocked Rotor test of three phase induction motor
1)The stator of a 3 phase 6 pole wound rotor induction motor is connected to a 50Hz source but its rotor is energized from a 20Hz source. The rotor would run at a speed of 

2)In a 3 phase wound rotor induction motor, 3 phase balanced supply is given to the rotor and the stator winding is short circuited. The rotor would: 

3)The maximum torque produced (Tem) produced by a three phase induction motor: 

4)A three phase induction motor is running at a slip s. If its two supply leads are interchanged, then its slip at that instant is equal to : 

5)A three phase, 50Hz, 4 pole squirrel cage induction motor has its stator rewound for 6 poles without any alterations in the rotor. The motor would now run at a speed: 


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