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Conduction analysis of Double Material Slab



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Thermal conduction is the transport of energy in a medium due  to a temperature gradient and the physical mechanism is that of random atomic  or molecular activity. The quantity of heat flow through the cross section of a  solid body over time ‘t’ in a steady state is governed by the Fourier’s law of  heat conduction


      Working Formula:


                                                                             Heat conduction through a  wall is given by



                                                                         Where the symbols carry their  usual meanings







                                            Linear conduction unit

                                                                There are 3 main elements in linear  conduction unit

                                                                              1.   Heater
                                                                              2.   Various inserts
                                                                              3.    A movable part with a cooler


  1. Heater:-  It  consists of external insulation, lid, brass rod and a electrical heater  element.   Together with the inserts and  under the insulation there are 9 temperature measuring points.
  2. Inserts:-  Insert 1 has 3 temperature measuring points.  Both insert 1 and 2 has brass rod of same diameter with the heater and  cooler. But insert 2 has corrosion resistant rod so no temperature measuring  points. Insert 3 has brass rod lesser in diameter than heater and cooler.
  3. Cooler:-  The cooler  consists of external insulation and brass rod. This rod has bores through which  cooling water can flow.



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