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To determine the overall heat transfer coefficient (U) in the parallel flow heat exchanger.



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   Experimental Procedure:



  1. check power supply connections and set the heat exchanger for counter flow

  2. check the water level in the heater tank. Put on the heater and wait for half an hour

  3. start the flow of the cold water circuit by drawing water from the tap. Set the flow rate to 40 l/hr and start the pump so that the  water the water starts flowing the hot circuit. Set the flow rate to 100 l/hr.

  4. wait until thermal equilibrium is reached i.e; when the temperature fluctuate less than 10C per minute. For this purpose, it is sufficient to observe the outlet temperatures i.e; Tc2 and Th2.

  5. once the thermal stability is reached, take the following readings: inlet temperature, outlet temperature and intermediate temperature both in the cold and hot water circuit, flow rate of  the cold water and the hot water circuit, flow rate of the hot water and the cold water.

  6. Put off the water pump and heater. Allow the cold water to flow for 10 minutes before the cold water flow is stopped.






     Virtual Experimentation Procedure :







                                                              Front panel: Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger





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