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Remotely Triggered Trajectory Planning of Mobile Robot without Obstacles



Objective: To develop different types of mobile robots and perform remotely triggered trajectory planning of the robots without any obstacles.


Development of a Quadruped


Quadrupedalism refers to a form of terrestrial locomotion inspired from animals and reptiles that walk with four limbs and the concept finds varied applications in everyday life ranging from usage in the armies as robotic mules to human transportation machines to relief and mitigation devices that might be able to intervene and enter radiation affected sites. The possibilities are enormous and the benefits unimaginable as quadrupeds have a clear advantage of traversing rugged terrain and obstacles in a much natural and suitable manner as compared to wheeled machines. Yet the practicality of implementing them in a real world scenario carries many obstacles such as energy expenditure, stability analysis in rugged harsh terrain and most importantly, autonomous motion planning through active sensor feedback and terrain detection.



  Robot assembly













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