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The experiments under this laboratory belong to the discipline of Creative Design which concerns itself  with a user centred product innovation.  


The experiments are in the specific  area of Human Computer Interactions (HCI)  - a specialisation of interest to Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology  and Design students both at the Under graduate level as well as Postgraduate level.

Experiments focus on understanding the theoretical basis of decision making while designing computer screens, displays and product interfaces.  Usability parameters   along with Visual Quality are the measures of differentiation between a good User Interface (GUI) and an inefficiently designed one.  These experiments aim to make the students understand  some of the  underlying theory  of designing user centric yet functional and logical interactions in products both hardware and  software.

The first set of experiments  are aimed at understanding  Laws of interaction such as Fitts'  and Hick's laws that are useful in explaining human interactive  behaviour and the resulting designing heuristics for display screens. 

Second set of experiments deal with Visual aspects such as aesthetics, colour form & grids which define the layout of content on GUIs.

The third set of experiments provides an experience of designing control panels of instruments and products by configuring virtual prototypes of the panels. 


The fourth set of experiments help understand the metrics of measuring useability aspects.

This laboratory is an introductory experience to   Designing issues in both software and hardware product interfaces . It will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate level students in multiple disciplines such as but not limited to Computer Science, Information Technology and Innovation / Interaction   Design (ID).  The experiments form integral part of curriculum in courses such as Usability Engineering, Interaction Design and HCI in the Creative Design discipline. To know more about HCI and UE discipline click the link below.



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