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5. Mobile Keypad Design


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Mobile Key Pad Design - Size ,  Layout  and  Bevilling


The layout of  a mobile keypad is  very important when performing  tasks  like  sending SMS  or  using  a   PDA phone.  Basic numeric  keypad in conjunction with T9  is  efficient  for  typing  SMS text messages  but for  sending emails you may need to look for a cell-phone with a QWERTY keypad  with keys  properly spaced and large enough to operate with both thumbs.   


Some keypads may look good  but  are very difficult to use. Tiny  keys  look  cool  but  may be an ergonomic nightmare. The best keypads have sufficient spacing between keys  and pressing the keypad gives  a  positive  haptic  feedback. Some keys are very close to each other with  a  raised portion in the middle which  is called bevilling. This allows your finger to feel each key which is required  for  properly using the keys.


In this  experiment  we  will  only  study  numeric keypad  layout  designs.


Observe the mobile keypads shown below



Do you observe any pattern? The location and sequence of keys are same in all layouts irrespective of their look and feel. Why is this pattern so popular? Is this a standard pattern? What would happen if we rearrange the keys into different positions?


Look at these numeric keypads used in industrial products




Did you notice that the sequence of rows is reversed with 7, 8 and 9 now at the top? Is this keypad as easy to use as the other one staring with 1, 2 and 3 at the top? What would be your answer? Find out by conducting this experiment.


The layout of a numeric keypad plays a vital role while inputting information. The ease  of use, retention in memory, physical stress and error probability are some factors governing this layout.

This experiment will expose you to four different types of layouts. You will be interacting with each of them and finding the speed of entering a mobile number. At  the  end  of  the  experiment  you  can  infer  on  the  best  possible keypad layout configuration  that  facilitates  error-free entry without  having to  sacrifice ease of use.



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