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10. Body movement ranges

About Experiment

This experiment focuses on different body movements mainly flexion, extension of different parts of the body with special emphasis on head, neck, trunk, arm, hip, and leg. These parts of the body are more flexible and are responsible in performing different activities in different workstations.


The measurements are made with the help of Goniometer, electro goniometer and video graphic analysis through different software’s as well as manually through different scales like RULA, REBA etc. To measure the range of motion at a joint, the center of the goniometer is positioned at the axis of rotation of a joint and the arms of the goniometer are aligned with the long axis of the bones of the adjacent segments or to an external reference.


Direct Method

Direct body measuring instruments mostly used are: simple goniometer and electrogoniometer .A physical environment is simulated where the subject is asked to perform their activities and different angular measurement of the body is taken.
Indirect Method

Indirect measurements may be taken through photographic methods, using still photography and filming the above work performed. For dynamic measurements, subjects are asked to perform the intended tasks in actual and or simulate situations and the relevant measurements are done through different softwares or manually through the help of different standard scales.




Measuring dimension: Technique

The study can be done with the photographic record of a real work situation or in a laboratory with simulated work condition where the subject is asked to perform their tasks and video recording is taken of the performed task and later analysis can be done trough different softwares  as well as manually through different scales.

Contact Goniometer

Electro Goniometer

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