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Hand dimension




2.About experiment


  • Measuring procedure
  • Step by step procedure

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Those physical human body dimensions which have an impact on design dimensions are static when structural. Structural body measurements include direct measurements of various body parts; say heights, lengths, depths, breadths and the circumferences of head, neck, trunk, hands and External human body dimensional measurements i.e. heights, lengths, breadths,
depths and circumferences, taken when a man is placed in a legs in some standard positions. As standard practice, the collection of body structural data in static body positions is easier than the collection of body functional data in dynamic body positions. When these dimensions are taken in sitting static posture it is called sitting static anthropometry.

About Experiment


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This Study aims at understanding the various hand dimension which also involves measuring techniques and equipment used and to maintained and measurements of body parts in
The presentation acquaints
1.To understand the common anthropometric terms (with appropriate illustrations) in a standing posture and arm reach values.
1.To understand the basic measuring technique using low cost devices.
2.To acquaint with the standing anthrpometric dimensions in a holistic presentation, the tabular flow interlinking the definition, measuring land marks illustrations and data set being provided. such positions should be taken with extension and flexing movements so that various reach values in different positions are normally taken care of.



Measuring procedures
Direct measuring procedures are followed to collect anthropometric data from selected subjects in a particular population. Direct body 
measuring procedures may be considered separately or taken both simultaneously, depending on the context of the dimensional requirement and the suitability of the study.
Step by step procedure
Measuring dimensions:  technique
The measuring methods has been illustrations presented herein may be followed with the relevant experimental set up using (A) Caliper.





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